Clear. Easy. Controlled.

Shipping Management

Efficiently manage the shipping of products to your customers in a clear, controlled and maintainable way. Works with any number of courier firms. Get instant views of shipping statuses and bottlenecks.

Power through simplicity.

Salebox uses a queue system to enable to send out all your product orders in a simple, clear way that your warehouse staff can easily adopt. Ensure every single delivery reaches their recipient on time, every time.

  • Our powerful, real-time queue system automates your shipping process.

  • Instant views of all progress and problems.

  • Split tasks between employees for maximum efficiency

  • Reduce packaging and shipping costs.

  • Reduce staff training costs.

  • Print branded receipts and packing labels.

  • Notify your customers of progress via email or instant message.


Gather products from your warehouse by shelf or zone number.


Pack and label parcels ready to be sent out.


Hand over to your favorite couriers and store their reference number.

Flexible enough to run it your own way.

  • Modify shipping addresses on the fly.

  • Inspect delivery status timeline for every order.

  • View audit logs and notes of all changes and events.

  • Integrates directly with our inventory and ecommerce management systems.

  • Easily split large or complex orders into separate deliveries.

  • Easily ship goods in stock now and out-of-stock items later.