Turn fans into super fans.

Stored Value Cards

Treat your customers with our premium loyalty program. Design your special card all by yourself.

Custom branded store cards.

Store cards are proven to increase both sales and brand loyalty. Once a customer has a card, you can see their spending habits every time they use their card in future. You can combine these cards with other promotions and special offers to create even more connection between your and your customer.

  • Pre-paid closed loop store cards and gift cards.

  • Enjoy complete control over the graphic design of the cards.

  • Use RFID, barcodes or magnetic strip cards, or even wristbands and more.

  • Cards are typically inexpensive, and can be sourced through Salebox or your own supplier.

  • Set your own rules: minimum and maximum values, predefined top up amounts, etc.

  • Cards can never have a negative balance so.

How it works.

Salebox stored value cards are pre-paid store cards or gift cards which you can give or sell to your customers. Customers use these cards themselves, or give them to their family and friends as gifts. Your customers can top up their cards to increase their balance - meaning you get all funds up front - and spend from their card by purchasing products from you.

  • Increase brand loyalty by having your logo in the wallet or purse.

  • Increase repeat visits as customers use up the remaining balances on their card.

  • Track the spending habits of all your card holders.

  • Set your own usage policies.