Lightning fast. Easy to use.

Retail Point of Sale

Customize your most favorite Point of Sale, under your control of the budget.

Up and running in no time.

Salebox retail point of sale is flexible, modern, fast and very simple to use. It will almost certainly work on hardware you own already.

  • Supports all platforms and devices.

  • No special or expensive hardware is required.

  • Quick and easy to download and install.

  • Easy to use anywhere, anytime.

Safe and secure, 24/7.

Salebox can be installed on our secure infrastructure or yours. Server requirements are standard and no expensive or specialist server hardware is needed.

  • All data is held on secure servers.

  • No highly sensitive data - such as full credit card numbers - are stored at all.

  • All passwords are hashed for added security.

  • Database backups are generated automatically every 24 hours and are stored in secure off-site locations in Singapore and the US.

  • All data transmitted using the same security and encryption as used by banks and the military.

Online. Offline. Always available.

Salebox point of sale is resilient to network problems and internet connection failures. If the internet goes offline, the POS will queue messages to be transmitted to the cloud. When an internet connection is restored, all queued messages will be sent to the servers.

  • POS operates even in locations with unreliable internet access.

  • Can safely work offline for extended periods of time.

  • POS retains "instant" performance, even when offline.

  • Use the POS using a wired network, using Wi-Fi and by using mobile networks.

Simple for everyone to use.

By giving your staff an easy-to-use point of sale system, they can concentrate on their real job: providing great customer service.

  • Intuitive and easy to use.

  • Point of sale system can work in any language.

  • Minimal training is required and extensive online help available 24/7.

  • Instant login and logout - always know which staff performed which task.

  • Works with or without a touch screen.

  • Instant search to quickly find products by name, PLU, SKU, or any other criteria you specify.

  • Works with barcode, QR code and RFID to instantly and accurately identify products.

  • Allow customers to split payment across more than one payment type, e.g. pay half with cash and half with credit card.

  • Works seamlessly with our Stored Value Cards.

Grant permissions to those who need it.

Salebox provides granular permissions to those who need it.

  • Enable your store managers to access and control refunds, returns and voiding transactions.

  • Ability for managers to authorize discounts requested by less senior staff.

  • Easily add and remove staff access at the click of a button.

  • Control which staff members can log into to which machines.

Always stay on brand.

Design your customer receipts to match your brand, not the other way round. Add your logos, brand messaging and more.

  • Use your own logos, images, colors and fonts.

  • Add special messaging, e.g. links to your website, social media, invitations to events, and more.

  • Start conversations with your customers, for example by advertising your membership scheme, or inviting feedback via QR code.

Keep your customer in the loop.

Customer facing displays allow you to display advertising and brand messages in store.

  • Can use both traditional LED calculator-style displays and modern TV screens showing full color photos and video.

  • Use your own logos, images, colors and fonts.

  • Display the contents of your customers' shopping basket in real-time.

  • Up-sell to your customers in-store.

  • Show the total price to pay.

  • Communicate prices to foreign language customers

Publish special offers with a click.

Flexible discount options granted to all customers, or those who match certain criteria, for example, members or staff.

  • Discounts can be automatically calculated by the POS, reducing staff error.

  • Allow staff to give discounts to customers who qualify for them.

  • Optionally require store managers to authorize different types of discount.

  • Clearly communicate discounts to your customers via their receipt and on customer facing displays.

Sell your own way.

Salebox automates the sale of products by weight, volume or dimensions. Specify a price per unit and have the software calculate the price accurately every time.

  • Reduce human error and customer waiting time by having the POS do all the work.

  • Sell products by weight, for example, cheese, meat, medicine and stone.

  • Sell products by volume, such as fuel, medicine and alcohol.

  • Sell products by dimensions, for example, granite, marble and wood.