Sophisticated. Stable. Secure.


We are a software company that specializes in sales systems.
Whether the storefront system, ecommerce and backoffice systems.

Point of Sale
  • Supports all platforms and devices.

  • All data is held on secure servers.

  • Intuitive and easy to use.

  • Easily add and remove staff access at the click of a button.

  • Webstores are open 24/7.

  • Reward your repeat customers with points, discounts or other benefits.

  • Run your retail stores and ecommerce platform from a single backoffice.

Inventory Management
  • Real-time views of your inventory across your organization

  • Distribute stock between all your locations.

  • Track all inventory by manufacture date, delivery date, and optional shelf-expiry date.

Customer Loyalty
  • View a complete history of your members' transactions.

  • Confidently up-sell and cross-sell based on your customers favorites.

  • Reward your best members with tiered levels of membership.

Stored Value Cards
  • Compatibility with RFID Card, Barcode or Magnetic Strip Card

  • Advanced top-up and pre-paid system.

  • Customer order record system

Staff Management
  • Grant different permissions to each employee based upon their role.

  • Measure sale staff performance over any time period.

  • Have an always available record of every important detail of your staff activity.

  • Route optimization feature increases the productivity of shipping.

  • Reduce staff recruitment costs, packages and unnecessary expenses.

  • Reduce redundant workflow.

  • Unlimited number of POS machines.

  • Unlimited number of retail stores, warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Unlimited number of products.