Live in your customers pocket.


Build your exclusive online store with simple clicks. Compatible on all platform and OS.

Always be available.

Ecommerce provides the ultimate convenience to your customers. Give them permanent access to your products and brand, and deliver great service on their schedule.

  • Webstores are open 24/7.

  • Customers can buy wherever they are: on the beach or stuck in traffic.

  • No checkout queues, no full car parks, no traffic jams, no wasted journeys because a product is out of stock.

  • Allow users to checkout in seconds by saving their shipping addresses and other options for future visits.

  • Have your customers log in with a single click via Facebook, LINE, Twitter or any other oAuth provider.

  • Reward your repeat customers with points, discounts or other benefits.

Have the money come to you.

Ecommerce can open up a world of new, previously unreachable customers, to traditional retailers.

  • Sell to regional or global customers.

  • Sell to customers in multiple languages.

  • Up-sell with add-ons: when selling a child's toy, offer them batteries to go with it.

  • Offer custom deals based on each customer's spending habits, wishlist contents or membership status.

  • Generate demand by offering upcoming products via pre-order.

Proven to save costs.

The day-to-day costs of running a webstore is typically significantly cheaper than operating brick-and-mortar shops.

  • Rent web servers for a fraction of the price of renting retail space.

  • Increase server size when visitor numbers grow and not before.

  • Serve a vast geographical area from your existing store, warehouse or office.

  • Warehouse employees are often more affordable and need less training than shop floor staff.

  • Use our powerful shipping features to automate your warehouse and shipping operation.

Flexible as you are.

Salebox is highly configurable allowing you to sell your way. Sell your tangible products and intangibles such as digital downloads, tickets and services.

  • Run your retail stores and ecommerce platform from a single backoffice.

  • Offer your favorite payment methods: such as pay by card, e-wallet, voucher, bank transfer and counter service.

  • Ship products to your customers using your favorite couriers.

  • Define custom rules for couriers who have limitations based on geographical area, parcel size, weight, value and more, to offer the best shipping options for each individual transaction.

  • Use fast bin packing algorithms to calculate the cheapest shipping option for each individual transaction.

  • Keep customers happy with real-time messages, e.g. send a courier's shipping reference when their goods have been dispatched.